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About Us

We started this firm with the idea that complete focus on winning is something most pursuit teams are desperately lacking - mostly because the time and effort required to simply qualify for any major pursuit can be overwhelming - and most pursuit teams lack the time and expertise to focus on the competition and figure out how to win.

For more than 32 years, Steve Foshee has built a proven track record of developing excellent working relationships with customers and clients resulting in long term and growing business opportunities. He brings one of the most unique sets of experiences in the industry -- having been a SETA contractor for 15 years, evaluating proposals in the Pentagon, leading national studies, and writing point papers for the Vice President of the United States. He has led the cost strategy on over 250 proposals supporting the largest winning proposals for DoD, Homeland Security, FBI, Department of Ed, and the US Army.

Bill Brumley has over 35 years of experience managing cost volumes and creating winning strategies in the Federal contracting marketplace.  He has worked over 250 major proposals and has an impressive win rate (>60%).

We have an unmatched contact list of key people at almost every major firm in the business. We have competed and/or teamed with every firm in the industry. We have an extraordinary ability to predict competitor's behavior. This is the key to solving the puzzle of how to beat them.

With our extensive network of experts we deliver winning -  just what you need and only what you need to win.

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